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 The Goal of the Foundation is to re-introduce the original intent and values of our Founding Fathers.  Their gift to all Americans and the world was a unique system of government based on the rights of the individual; not the rights of a federal government.  For the first time in history, a system of government was created on the premise that man’s natural rights do not come from the government but rather are granted by our Creator

There has been a trend in education to view history through the prism of political prejudice thereby diminishing the significance of the Founders’ original intent and values.  In order to restore these values, measure the abuses of government and return us to the prosperity that is the legacy of our American heritage



We are a grass-roots organization staffed entirely by volunteers. We are always looking for like-minded individuals to join us. As a 501(c)(3) organization, we welcome your tax-deductible donations.


¨ U. S. Constitution—[8] 1 hr. sessions

¨ Declaration of Independence—[4] 1 hr. sessions

¨ Oaths of Office—[1] 2 hr. session

¨ Citizenship  – [12] 1 hr. sessions

¨ 10 Truths about America’s Christian Heritage—[4] 1 hr. sessions

¨ What does the Constitution say about Voting? – [6] 1 hr. sessions



¨ U. S. Constitution

¨ Declaration of Independence

¨ What does the Constitution say about Voting?

¨ 10 Truths about America’s Christian Heritage

¨ Other subjects on the founding documents as requested


¨ The 5000 Year Leap—[4] 2 hr. sessions

¨ The Making of America—[10] 2 hr. sessions


¨ The 5000 Year Leap—8 hours ea.

¨ Citizenship—12 hours

¨ What does the Constitution say about Voting? – 6 hours

Phone: 936-273-3588

Cell: 936-524-0248



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